jueves, marzo 08, 2012

MASADA 15 de Marzo / REVIEW

foto:Laura Tenenbaum
                   John Zorn / Dave Douglas/ Greg Cohen / Joey Baron 
                                  Teatro Coliseo, Marcelo T. de Alvear 1125    

Short review :
This was Zorn’s first visit to Argentina or South America. After several attempts to book him since the late 90′s, finally the South American tour became true. Masada played a fantastic concert ,full of energy, imagination, hot solos and solid group improvisations. Zorn was in great mood and played some incredible circular breath solos at the encore. Baron & Cohen were a killer tandem, fired by Zorn´s continuous signals and directions. Douglas ( who visited Buenos Aires a couple of times) was the perfect partner for Zorn and played some soulful solos.

A magic night by a group that refuses to age or bore.

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